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The first studio for fine arts and design in Gmünd in Carinthia welcomes you!

Connecting Souls

Thomas Györi

The Light is on

Hope and belief in a better future, even in challenging times.

LUNA invites to pause and move on strengthened. She is a symbol of hope and strength we carry within us!
The open eye made of Gummern marble reflects the light of confidence. Through the almost closed eye, the light of hope shines timidly. The durability of Krastal marble, Schwarzach Tobler sandstone and Gummern marble symbolizes the strength and endurance necessary to overcome challenging situations.

LUNA brings out the best in people, the desire to embrace, help and comfort.

Madame Butterfly and Sandstone!

inspired by Bregenz Festival 2022!

What happens when an artist takes up the delicate side of Madame Butterfly and the robust side of the Schwarzachtobler Sandstone?

Space is created for magical moments, daydreams are given space, relaxing time-outs for body, mind and soul are made possible!

(ful lovers –  mirror in yourself)

read – reflect – realize!

Every rock / every layer / every face tells a story. A story about intuition, wisdom, femininity, masculinity, connectedness. They are inspiration and, in their entirety, their symbiosis, in their flawless perfection, they are life. Life as it should be: a respectful coexistence. Perfect, but still fragile. …

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Lichtobjekt: "Madonna" von Thomas Györi

Art for eternity

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Studio Györi will also take part in the Artists in Residence program, offering the artists support through the possibilities of technical and handicraft facilities of the studio, as well as providing a platform for the presentation of artistic creation with Lodrons Garden.

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